DTRaiN Newsletter #3 – EN

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What you can find in this issue:
 Design Thinking: Moving from the Pre-steps to the Observation Stage
 Digital Tools for Design Thinking
 How to create new solutions with teamwork

During the last months, DTRaIN partners entered the deep waters of Design Thinking, mining information and developing an informative literature package in Design Thinking that will be used in later phase in formulating an ad hoc practical training material.

Before the start of the Design Thinking main process, the team is creating a brief document ‘the Design Brief’ clarifying the target user to serve, a broad statement of the problem to solve, its scope, and the questions that need to be answered to refine the understanding of the problem.

Seven thematic topics (modules) were selected to be developed, one by each DTRaIN partner. Each topic has been divided into three-four units so that 21 – 25 units have been developed in total. Each partner after desktop research presented one topic, that consisted of the basis of the Literature Review in Design Thinking.  ECTE distilled all the topics presented into one document containing the whole literature in Design Thinking directly related to Learning Units and competencies a trainee should have for implementing tasks needed during the Design  Thinking process.

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