DTRaIN – Kick off meeting in Crete

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The Department of Lifelong Learning, Education and Employment of the Rethymnon Regional Development Directorate and the European Center in Training for Employment (ECTE), co-organized the Kick-off meeting of the European Project “DTRaIN“, funded under the ERASMUS + 2019 Vocational Training and Strategic Partnerships and monitored by the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY).

The European project “DTRaIN” aims to revitalize the production in the agri-food sector of the partner regions by promoting the acquisition of high-level skills in the management of staff and entrepreneurs working in the agri-food sector. To achieve this, an innovative professional profile based on Design Thinking will be developed which will lead to a Certification Program in order to validate the learning outcomes that follow ECVET standards and ISO 17024.

In particular, the DTRaIN objectives are:

  • Design a Vocational Education and Training program and develop an educational framework for agri-food professionals who are willing to upgrade their skills with a new approach based on Design Thinking.
  • Design an innovative Educational Model based on an approach focused on the learner, in an open dynamic environment, develop educational material based on the educational model, and develop qualifications.

The target group and users of the training material will be professionals who will manage staff in agri-food businesses operating as trainers in their businesses as well as trainers in Initial and Continuing Vocational Training Institutions (EQF level 4 & 5).

The consortium is comprised of 7 partners from four countries; The Region of Crete (Greece) as lead partner, the European Center in Training for Employment (ECTE) (Greece), SQLearn (Greece), LDI UG – (Germany), Centro Machiavelli – CM (Italy), The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAIX) (Greece) and the University of Valladolid (Spain).

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