DTRaIN Partners’ meeting in February 2021

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Partners of the DTRaIN consortium met on the 2nd and the 9th of February, reviewing the implementation of work done so far and setting up the targets for the next period.

The DTRaIN curriculum has been almost finished. By the end of March, the course curriculum will be in its final version.

Moreover, the partners were asked to define Relative Weights to Curricular elements/components. Then, following the results of the survey on existing skills, expected to be completed this month (February 2021), the final list of skills needed and the DTRaiN Curriculum will be finalized.

The covid-19 measures hindered the implementation of the survey on time. However, it is considered as completed. The results of the survey are important for the finalization of the curriculum and more specifically to ensure that the curriculum reflects the educational training needs of the professions in the agri-food sector.

A lot of work has to be done to develop the coming period in developing Training material (WP3),  which will be based on the curriculum. It is structured in five modules, each one assigned to a specific partner. T.2.3.1 Pre-steps of the Design Process (LDI) T.2.3.2 Observation (UVa & MAICH) T.2.3.3 Ideation (CM) T.2.3.4 Prototyping (Kriti) T.2.3.5 Testing (ECTE).

  • The key objectives of this WP(3) are:
    To develop Training Material based on the Curriculum and the Educational Model
    To convey up-to-date knowledge for each Learning Unit
    To develop a fully-featured e-learning form for a flipped ubiquitous learning classroom
    To combine several different types of Training Material and Training Methods
    To provide a Complex Learning Experience to the DTRain target group.

The DTRaiN target group as defined in the project proposal includes Professionals in the agri-food sector, Professionals Managing staff in agri-food companies and Educators in initial and continuous VET.

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