Live webinar – DTrAIN: Design Thinking in The Agrifood Sector – Pre-steps

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  |  Athens (GMT 2:00)  |  3:00 PM Central European Time

Free registration: HERE

The webinar introduces the pre-steps of the design thinking process and is implemented in the context of the European project DTRaIN. The pre-steps of the Design Thinking is the first module out of five of the DTRaIN course, which is going to be completed in the coming months.

The webinar has a two-hour duration and includes the following Learning units:

  • The Design Thinking Process
  • Developing the designer’s mindset
  • Identify an opportunity for a design thinking project
  • Drafting a design brief
  • Planning a design thinking process (people, setting, research)

The webinar is addressed to entrepreneurs, University/Vet students, trainers, professionals n the agrifood sector, and stakeholders.

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